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The Dream Interpreters: Which One or None?

Few topics generate as much interest and debate as the meaning of dreams. In this fascinating new book, Steph Adam explores five different theories of dream interpretation and introduces a new one of her own, which argues that that dreams are constructed from visual metaphors which speak to us in a language that is difficult, but not impossible, to understand. By learning the language of these metaphorical images, which work in combination with the other theories, you can unlock the door to your hidden thoughts and feelings. Identifying the true meaning of your dreams will offer valuable insights into yourself and your emotions, and help identify positive changes you can make in your waking life.

Paperback: 157 pages

ISBN: 978-1-5262-0758-6 

Publisher: Dr Steph Adam

Producer: York Publishing Services Ltd

Price: £9.99  

Image on back cover by James McHugh


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