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The Dream Interpreters
Which one or none?


"Five Stars!"

 I very rarely remember my dreams, but when I do (and it’s usually because I’ve been woken up mid-way through a particularly vivid dream), I often wonder how on earth did my brain make up such weirdness? What’s the purpose of dreaming and why does my brain have a particular penchant for a genre which if it were a novel would be classified as ‘fantasy’ (of which I very rarely read).

I’ve read a couple of books in the past on the topic and they seemed quite lightweight – ‘if you dream about this, it means that’ type of thing. When I came across ‘The Dream Interpreters’, it intrigued me as the author Dr Adam has a background in academic writing and spent her career as a counsellor.

Using 5 well established theories on how to interpret dreams, the author has built on these and developed her own model. I guess what I like about this book is that it’s not just theoretical, the author also gives you a toolkit to allow you to interpret your own dreams. It’s easy to learn and follow – I just wish I could remember more of my dreams! 

S. Lambert, (Good Reads, Jun 2019)


 Very informative. Dr Steph Adam offers practical advice on identifying the true meaning of your dreams and through her research presents different schools of thought on the subject (I was pulled in with the parts about Freud), Which is also interesting in itself.
The tone of the book is friendly and personal as Dr Steph Adam refers to her own experiences as an example of scenarios.
Overall a fantastic book and would thoroughly recommend. 

Beverley, (Good Reads, Oct 2019)

"... a wonderful, enlightened read"

 This book is well worth a read! If you are interested in dreams  this book really does it have it all. It looks into the academic side of things based mainly on the workings of Freud and Jung theory’s whilst also showing you how to best make use of your dreams and what our dreams can tell us about ourselves and indeed our relationships with others. I now look at my dreams in a completely different way since reading this book. I have not only learnt a little more about myself but I have also learnt about the teachings of Jung and Freud in the process. Thank you Steph for a wonderful, enlightened read I would recommend this book to anybody whom is interested in dreams, whether there own, others, or just wanting to learn more about dreams in general! 

L. Blair, (Dec 2019)

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